I have been lucky enough to work with some very talented people from different countries. These are some of the highlights. Please feel free to contact me with any illustration work you have in mind.

J’ai la chance d’avoir travaillé avec beaucoup de gens talentueux de pays différents. Voici une petite sélection. Je suis à votre disposition pour une commande d’illustration de votre choix.

The Cutie – 2019

Grandma & The Brooklyn Bridge – 2019 

Les Trois Chat – 2019 

Mario Lassos 125 -2016


The Ink Lady – The Glass Files – 2016



Let’s Visit the James Monroe Museum – The James Monroe Museum  – 2015

At the James Monroe Museum in Fredericksburg, Virginia a jolly museum director welcomes Grandma Mac and her grandchildren, Jessica and Carl, hinting that the museum 51FTWtN770L._SX385_BO1,204,203,200_is a place where history comes to life. The visitors discover what he means when James Monroe, fifth President of the United States, emerges from a portrait and takes them on a personal tour. The surprised visitors witness important historical events and artifacts related to them, and meet Monroe’s wife and daughters, plus historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte.  They also see what life was like in the White House in the 1820s, coming face to face with the reality of slavery. They indulge in the flavors and entertainment of the era, sipping hot chocolate and listening to music played on a pianoforte. All of the artifacts highlighted in the book are described in detail, and are featured in exhibits at the James Monroe Museum. You can buy it on Amazon here.

Wedding Portrait with the Muppets! / Portrait de Marriage avec les Muppets! – 2015


Pochette CD / CD Cover – Of Clocks and Clouds – 2015



Carte de Voeux / Greeting Card – F Comme Film – 2014


Carte 2014 -


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