I’m a Franco-American kid from Paris, now in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I originally created The Voltaire Series to help my sisters teach our languages to their children living on both sides of the pond. I shared my books with my adult French students, realized they really enjoyed them and started my bilingual illustrations aimed at “grown-ups”.

In the process, with a few commissions sprinkled in, I collaborated with The James Monroe Museum to create a picture book for their youngest visitors.

I look forward to future collaborations with old friends and new alike.



Four of my lovely French conversation students at the Kelly retrospective at PS1. After two students brought it up in class, we decided to take a little field trip…

I teach French and Visual Arts in a Title 1 Middle-School in Brooklyn. I also teach private and group French and Art classes to all ages and levels. From grammar to conversation, from sketching to creating huge chalk compositions in a yard, my students and I always have fun.

I started my teaching career on Rikers Island in the then Island Academy. I taught the juvenile population for two dynamic years. I started teaching at William McKinley Intermediate School in Bay Ridge in 2010. Mckinley is and will always be home, I think it’s magical (it’s a pro art Title 1 *public* middle school where the administration encourages and helps its staff and educators work together – basically a utopian unicorn).

I am certified and qualified to teach French (Level one to Fluent) and Visual Arts (Drawing / Painting / Embroidery / Sculpture / Mixed Media Collage / Set Design)


An Arizona bottle created of Arizona bottle caps collected and created by my middle-school students


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