A Typo / Une Faute de Frappe

A Typo I’ve been working on the third volume of Voltaire’s adventures: “Voltaire et Freeman” for over a year. Countless corrections, big and tiny… Hours on the phone and via email with my family, my friends, the guy that sets everything up for amazon... After 3 proofs, I was sure the book was finished. My … Continue reading A Typo / Une Faute de Frappe


Dreams / Les Rêves

French students often ask me what language I dream in. I always hope my answer will be concise but it never is. The short answer is that I dream in both. I never end there. When staying in Barcelona for a summer, I started dreaming in Spanish. Usually my language depends on who I am … Continue reading Dreams / Les Rêves


C'est l'anniversaire de mon Papounet. Je suis heureuse d'avoir une excuse de le célébrer mais si triste de ne pas pouvoir lui donner un câlin. C'est la vie. Ceci est un dessin inspiré après une journée partagée ensemble rien que tous les deux - ce qui est rare puisque nous vivons loin l'un de l'autre … Continue reading Papounet

Nom / Name

A new school year means 350 names to pronounce correctly and memorize. It’s a challenge every single time. I had never realized until this year that my French brain gets in the way of my pronouncing these names ‘properly’. One of the challenges that belongs to multiple cultures are the various pronunciations of names. I … Continue reading Nom / Name