Here are some of the pieces that illustrate the fun I have making samples for my visual art students and artwork of my own. As I teach all mediums, I enjoy exploring all mediums in my free time as well.
Wheel found on the street in Astoria. I busted out the hot glue gun and yarn and had a little fun.
Bette… I mean January Jones and my embroidery needles.
Encaustic Frame with a picture of my mamie Elvire.
2012-03-18 15.32.17
Embroidered mermaid on hoodie.
2012-04-25 14.43.25
Word sample for my students in basic mixed-media.
2012-06-01 14.49.56
Cropped piece of a collage.
2012-07-26 09.00.35
Collage/Painting worksample for my students. The hands are actually raised and the bracelet is 3/D. It was great fun juxtaposing the bubblegum pink of the mug with blood and shadows.
Encaustic transfer of me as a little girl.
Pug! (a wedding gift for a friend)

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